Magdalena di Blasi – flute, Kamil Skicki – violin, Paulina Tkaczyk – harpsichord

The works performed during the concert make up a diverse stylistic mosaic, as the programme combines baroque works with contemporary ones. The listener is taken on a journey from the Italian expressiveness and freedom, through the refined and graceful French style of the baroque era, when comparisons between the two nationalities aroused strong emotions due to their everlasting rivalry, to the subsequent eras. And in the maze of the 20th and 21st centuries the listener will find a stylistic mix making use of the neoclassical lightness, brilliance, clear and diverse tone, lucidity and elements of jazz music. All of this reveals the full sound potential of flute, violin and harpsichord.


J. Ibert, J. Vanvinckenroye, J.N.P. Royer, A. Corelli,                          

T. Frączkiewicz-Kirkov, B. Martinů

of-09 zal 17 male

Detailed program:



J. Ibert (1890-1962)

„Deux Interludes”

flute, , violin, harpsichord

J. Vanvinckenroye (1939-2006)

„Gioberney – Suite”

flute, harpsichord

J.N.P. Royer(1705-1755)

„La Marche des Scythes” Premier Livre

harpsichord solo

A. Corelli (1653-1713)

Sonata No. XII in D minor op. 5 „Follia”

violin, b.c.

T. Frączkiewicz-Kirkov (1953-)

„Fantasy” for flute, violin and harpsichord

flute, violin, harpsichord
B. Martinů (1890-1959) „Promenades” H. 274 flute, violin, harpsichord



2019  Paulina Tkaczyk