Ensemble „Finesis Trio”: Katarzyna Puch – soprano, Małgorzata Włodarczyk – guitar and lute, Paulina Tkaczyk – harpsichord

The programme of the concert reflects the temperament of Italian and Spanish music disguised as musical forms and rhythms. It starts with Spanish songs dating back to the turn of the Renaissance and baroque era, which have recently been discovered in the Library of Catalonia by the „Finesis Trio” ensemble. One piece which is exceptionally interesting in terms of sound and rarely performed is Händel'sNo se emenderájamás, a peculiar Spanish cantata written for a choice of voices and instruments very unusual for its time: soprano, guitar and basso continuo. The lively and virtuoso Fandango and Chaconne – dances originally accompanied in Spain by castanets – represent various facets of music. An interesting point in our repertoire is one of Giordani's six sonatas written for the guitar and basso continuo – a very atmospheric, but at the same time energetic piece. Sor'sSeguidillas boleras, short songs tinged with humour and grotesque, touch upon serious matters as well.

 W programie:

G.F. Händel, L. Boccherini, T. Giordani, J. Duphly, F. Sor

 of-02 zal 6 male

Detailed program:



Música Barocca Español

Spanish songs

soprano, b.c.

G.F. Händel (1685-1759)


soprano, giuitar, b.c.

T. Giordani (ca. 1730-1806)

Sonata VI C Major

guitar, b.c.

J. Duphly (1715-1789)

Chaconne F Major (Troisième Livre)


F. Sor (1778-1839)


soprano, guitar

L. Boccherini (1743-1805)

„Introduction and Fandango” from the guitar quintet in D Major, G 448

guitar, harpsichord



2019  Paulina Tkaczyk