Baroque Festival in Auvergne

„For the first time the numerous audience could enjoy the individual harpsichord and flute sonatas of the composer, who has been forgotten for two centuries. Bringing these works to light was possible thanks to Paulina Tkaczyk, who had tracked down the artist's story and scores”. [2015]

[LA MONTAGNE.FR, 24th August 2015]

Cantica Sacra concert

„Both the choice of the pieces and their interpretation of supreme artistic merit are evidence to the greatness of this young music group, whose careful preparation of the program, great musicianship and the ability to combine knowledge with a sense of aesthetics are indeed very impressive." [2013]

[Teresa Czekaj, April 2013]

Bach Days 2009

„In the first part of the evening the performers of solo parts of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach's concerts shone – a young harpsichord player from Krakow Paulina Tkaczyk (...)”. [2009]

[Anna Woźniakowska, Dziennik Polski, 30th March 2009]

Bach Days 2008

„(...) Paulina Tkaczyk - harpsichord, who performed C. Ph. E. Bach's „Variations on 'La Folia” with a virtuoso verve". [2008]

[Anna Woźniakowska, Dziennik Polski, 3rd April 2008]

Young talents

„On Wednesday Paulina Tkaczyk manifested her talents as a soloist and chamber player in an interesting way (...)”  [2002]

[Anna Woźniakowska, Dziennik Polski, 17th September 2002]