Aleksandra Zamojska – soprano, Marzena Biwo – baroque violin, Elżbieta Górka – baroque violin, Konrad Górka – baroque cello, Paulina Tkaczyk – harpsichord


The collection of A.M. of Saxony, E. Brikner, P. Żelechowski, K. Förster jun., J.P. Habermann, M. Wronowicz

The concert starts with a series of polonaises from the collection of Anna Maria of Saxony, which have been preserved in manuscript in Dresden's Sächsische Landesbibliothek. The next work is a vocal-instrumental piece – the Laudate Pueri Psalm by Eryk Brikner – a peculiar speech of sounds, which emphasizes the sense of lyrics. The repertoire gems which follow are Piotr Żelechowski's Fantasia comprising a prelude bearing improvisational traits and a fugue as well as the La Sidon sonata by K. Förster Jr. This five-movement piece is based on contrast of tempo, character and even  line-up. The next work – Aria o św. Matce Annie by Jan Piotr Habermann, an eminent violinist, bandmaster and composer – is an example of intertwining baroque and galant styles. The concert's last piece, which can be found in manuscript in the Jagiellonian Library in Krakow is In Dulci Iubilo by Maciej Woronowicz. It presents not only beautiful progressions, but in the first place the coloratura melodic line, which determines the joyful nature of the text.

Detailed programme

The Collection of A.M. of Saxony A selection of polonaises (second half of the 18th c.) violin, harpsichord
E. Brikner (1705-1760) „LaudatePueri”, Ps. 113 soprano, two violins, b.c.
P. Żelechowski  (ca. mid-17th c.) Fantasia in D minor harpsichord solo
K. Förster jun. (1616-1673) Sonata „La Sidon” two violins, cello, b.c.
J.P. Habermann (the first half of the 18th c.) „Ista, quam laeti” soprano, two violins, cello, b.c.
M. Wronowicz (second half of the 17th c.) „In dulci iubilo” soprano, two violins, b.c.