Christlieb Siegmund Binder: Sonatas, Divertimento

Christlieb Siegmund Binder: Sonatas, Divertimento, Agencja Artystyczna GAP (2020), Paulina Tkaczyk - traverso flute, harpsichord, Bogumiła Gizbert-Studnicka - harpsichord, Karolina Jesionek - traverso flute.

The music on this CD charms with its rich variety of colour, full of equilibristic progressions and emotions. Binder introduces elaborate figurations, played several times simultaneously by both instruments, and yet the character of the music still remains highly melodious. It mesmerises, not only with extraordinary virtuosity, but also with captivating artistry of the melodic lines and with exceptional means of expression. It thus requires a lot of precision and mutual understanding from the performers in their musical dialogue. In the remarkably expressive mood of the second part of the Sonata in E minor one can “hear” the Piano Sonata No. 14 In C Sharp Minor Op. 27 No. 2, also known as the Moonlight Sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven, sparkling with the diverse sound of the harpsichord’s chord changes. The flute’s part consists of a wonderful melody weaved with various ornaments in a wide ambitus which displays the full sound palette of the traverso flute, further accentuated by the key of E Minor. It is also worth paying attention to the polyphonic treatment, a characteristic phenomenon in the keyboard music of the mid 18th century, which can be heard most prominently in Divertimento for harpsichord and flute. In this music one can hear a lively approach to the form and the depth of expression, which is why the rich output of this composer is worth discovering. His work constitutes an exceptional phenomenon in the history of music.

Published with the financial support from The Creativity Grant of the City of Kraków.

CD is available in Musik Bookstore "Kurant" in Cracow and in Music Bookstore PWM, and also on Spotify.