Agnieszka Kaczmarek-Bialic – harp, Paulina Tkaczyk – harpsichord


C.Ph.E. Bach, G.F. Händel, J.S. Bach, A. Soler, J.N.P. Royer, A. Vivaldi

The program of the concert focuses around the baroque era and the subsequent new musical aesthetics. The ideas of Galant style, rococo, Empfindsamkeit and Sturm und Drang permeate one another to create so heterogeneous and yet so coherent pluralism. This wonderful tour around  multicultural Europe leads from Italian expressiveness and ease through the sophisticated and graceful French style and Spanish temperament to appear in its purest form in German music crowned by the splendid work of J. S. Bach as well as the new stylistics, whose prime forerunner was C. Ph. E. Bach.

Detailed program

C.Ph.E. Bach (1714-1788) Sonata in G major Wq 139 harp, b.c.
G.F. Händel (1685-1759) Suite in C minor from „Suites de Pièces pour le Clavecin” harp, harpsichord
J.S. Bach (1685-1750) Partita in H minor No. 1 BWV 1002: Sarabanda harp solo
A. Soler (1729-1783) Concierto in G major No. 3 harp, harpsichord
J.N.P. Royer (1705-1755) „La Marche des Scythes” (Premier Livre) harpsichord solo
A. Vivaldi (1678-1741) Concert in G major RV 532 : Allegro harp, harpsichord