Christlieb Siegmund Binder: Sei Suonate per il Cembalo

Radio PLUS Kraków - interview with Paulia Tkaczyk - 11th March 2015

Christlieb Siegmund Binder: Sei Suonate per il Cembalo, op. 1, DUX Recording Producers (2014), Paulina Tkaczyk – harpsichord

Christlieb Siegmund Binder (1723-1789) – a German composer and instrumentalist, a court musician in Dresden – fell into obscurity after his death. His output is a blend of many directions and styles. Fascinated with the harpsichord, he penned sonatas and concertos mainly for this instrument.

Music theoreticians of his time described him as a composer of great passion whose works were full of expressive power and emotion. Richard Engländer wrote that „in the Dresden circle Binder held the same position as Philipp Emanuel Bach in Berlin” (Die Dresdner Instrumentalmusik in der Zeit der Wiener Klassik. Uppsala 1956, s. 102).
Binder’s musical world is renowned for its original compositional style and diverse musical idiom. The composer’s music is balanced between the Baroque style and the early Classical style galant. According to Heinrich Fleischer, the author of a monograph on Binder „the harpsichord style of the Baroque period, enriched by the new elements and expressive devices of the galant style reached the peak of its development in Binder’s music” (Christlieb Siegmund Binder (1723-1789): mit 74 Notenbeispielen und einem thematischen Verzeichnis sämtlicher Werke. Regensburg 1941, s. 121).

Nowadays Binder is regarded as one of the most interesting and significant Dresden composers of the 18th century.

The collection of Harpsichord Sonatas Op. 1 was published in Dresden in 1759 and was dedicated to Her Royal Highness Maria Antonia [Walpurgis]. The Sonatas of Op.1 demonstrate Binder’s extraordinary harmonic and emotional richness and compositional mastery. They also contain a wide range of experiments within the genre. On the one hand, the composer reached to the roots of the Baroque, while on the other he presented the form of the classical sonata. The music’s high expressive power and emotionality is achieved by the changes of texture, tempo, movement, character and register, as well as by the use of interesting and surprising harmonic turns.

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